Our showroom in Foro Buonanaparte 57, Milan, is a concept created by our partners of Brera Contract.

The showroom is an exhibition path that creates a luxury demo apartment, rich in details: every setting recalls a house room, complete with all accessories. Thanks to this new concept, you can see the products and the finishes, but also you can find some concrete ideas of furnishing for your real apartment.

SLIDE wants to reach a new area of market segment, specifically thought for residential customers and architects. We are the exclusive partner for the outdoor furniture, but we are also present with our lamps and with some other products that furnish trasversally other areas of the house.

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Rental Service

The deep knowledge in the field of design has brought Slide not only to focus on the production process, but also to give accurate advice about the perfect product for every need. In this way, Slide creates Slide Events, a branch of our company that deals with rental service, design settings, transportation and assembly in order to give assistance during the whole events. We create together with you an unforgettable event, for you and for those who are important for you.

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Thanks to our expert creative team, Slide is able to present articulated 2D, 3D and render designs to preview the request concepts and have a concrete idea of what will be the final project. Our deep knowledge of all the products that Slide offers lets us give the best suggestions to propose the ideal product suitable for your ideas. The design service is totally free, allowing customers to have creative and operational support by our designers, who know how to guide them in tailor-made shopping for their needs. The use of the Slide collection products allows the creation of unique designs and a strong scenic impact, taking full advantage of the two main features of SLIDE products: light and color. The design of Slide stimulates the creation of new and fresh ideas, born on the basis of your tastes and different demands, giving life to the project you have imagined, transforming it into reality in just a few steps..

Custom made products

In our society the image is increasingly important, and everyone wants to find the way to distinguish it from its competitors: originality and elegance is certainly the best way to emerge. Slide deals also with customized furniture, to make an event not only exclusive, but also unique. After the choice of the best luminous product for customized events, Slide can add the logo or a representative image of the brand too. To give a touch of greater uniqueness to your business event, your convention, or any events, you can enlighten your business brand and show a featured image. Customizing our luminous products is a good option to create a unique event and it gives a more amazing and emotional effect – it adds more surprise to capture the attention during the event. The production of high quality adhesives allows the creation of a customized product, in which the adhesive becomes part of the surface where it is applied.

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