retail and shopping centers
  • Woolrich Shop

    Majestic Globo lamps to illuminate Woolrich's showroom, the modernity of plastic in contrast to tradition.

  • Woolrich Shop

    Large Globo hanging lamps illuminate this Woolrich flagship store in downtown Bologna.
    The vintage furnishings blend with the modernity of the plastic and the light of the Slide lamps warm the environment creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for shopping in peace.

  • Merci Shop

    Merci Shop is a 1,500 square meter store, a large exhibition space in the heart of the Marais district of Paris.
    A must-have for design lovers.
    During the Christmas holydays, an incredible full red set-up was made, with a selection of furnishings from the Design of Love Collection, designed by Moro and Pigatti.
    Crown of Love, suspension lamp
    Sir of Love, table
    Queen of Love, armchair.

  • Smart-Ologic Corian Living

    Temporary showroom created by Karim Rashid at the 2010 salone del Mobile, in collaboration with DuPont Corian company.

  • La Bottega concept store

    A concept store in the center of Brussels where fashion is blended with the design of Slide products.
    Luminous GLOBO hanging lamps, design Slide Studio, in light red and light white version.
    On the walls PZL SLOT as luminous display for shoes and Giò Specchio, design Giò Colonna Romano.
    Finally, impressive UFO suspension lamps to illuminate the central hall of the store.