custom furniture
  • 25hours Hotel San Paolino

    Our customized Globo Hanging for 2hHours San Paolino Hotel in Florence.

  • Libertos Club
    Albufeira, Portugal

    The famous and glamourous Libertos Club in Albufeira chooses our exclusive gold Kami Yon for its terrace.

  • The Jungle Queen

    “The Jungle Queen” is the new AW LAB campaign, which launched a Converse shoes model created by Elettra Lamborghini. The campaign, which started in mid-December and sold out in just 24 hours, featured our Queen of Love Jungle Edition.

  • Darsena Christmas Village

    Cubo and Acquaglobo light up the Darsena Christams Village during Winter holidays.

  • Oriflame

    Our best-sellers Cubo becomes elegant and luminous centerpieces during Global Diamond Conference, Australia.