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Thanks to its spherical shape, Mineral hanging lamp gives elegance and essential to every kind of indoor setting. Its particular marbled polyethylene finish gives a humble material such as polyethylene the highness of a precious material such as marble. Mineral is ideal for creating a light spot in private spaces, using it as a single chandelier, or creating a composition with different dimensions with a rosette, transforming it into a large luminous fulcrum in indoor contract spaces. The suspension lamp is available in three different diameters with a marbled finish with gray veins, or with red veins. Mineral table lamp version, with an elegant base in laquered alumium, and Mineral Stand, with its precious brass stem, belong to the same collection.
Dimensions and weight
diameter - weight
30 cm - 1,2 Kg
diameter - weight
40 cm - 2 Kg
diameter - weight
50 cm - 3,5 Kg
High resolution images and 3D models