Bar Meraviglia in Milan

14 juin 2017

Customized Globo Hanging lamps fot Bar Meraviglia in Milan

The famous Italian brand of drinks San Pellegrino opened Bar Meraviglia last month, which is a temporary shop in the heart of Milan. Our Globo Hanging lamps are customized to a particulare request: they should reminds the freshness of citrus fruit.

Thanks to our collaboration with New Retail Concept, our Globo Hanging hanging lamps match perfectly their design with the natural beaudy of citrus trees.

We realized our classic Globo Hanging, in different dimensions, but in our standard colours. These colourful spheres are mixed with classic light white Globo Hanging and they create wonderful area in the temporary shop.

So we made a mix of Globo Hanging, of different sizes, made in lighting white, white, yellow and orange. This has allowed us to give a new look to our hanging lamps, which symbolize lemons and oranges, the freshness and the desire for summer.

The temporary space will remain open until next autumn and our Globo Hanging will also attend many different theme events and appointments that will take place in the bar throughout the summer season.

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