(S)Oggetti di Scena

17 juin 2017

Design, theatre and photography meet together at Litta in Milan

Slide pays close attention to young designers and supports projects of young artists. For this reason we supported “(S)Oggetti di Scena”, a successful show that went on stage from 6 to 16 of June. “(S)Oggetti di Scena” is an idea by the young Italian photographer Tommaso Vergano, realized thanks to the collaboration between Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, Grock Scuola di Teatro and Slide. The project focused on the contamination between design, theatre and photography: Slide products were co-protagonist of sketches and monologues of the actors, that interacting with furniture, in the wonderful foyer of Litta Theater in Milan.

Cultural and artistic enrichment is created thanks to the synthesis between different worlds, that follow the same main characteristic: art. The final result was was to create a metaphysical stage where the scenography cites the theater and tells about design and where the actor can move to play the classics of the past in contemporary key.