Smart Fashion&Design

31 janvier 2018

Smart Fashion and Design: Arred’Arte by Slide takes part to the European notice.

Slide is the creator of Arred'Arte, an important project aimed at innovation and research for the production of design elements with the technology of the rotational moulding technique. The research is done by the cooperation of ISMAC (Institute for the Study of Macromolecules), a branch of the CNR (National Research Council) and responds to Smart Fashion and Design call announced by the Lombardy Region and the European Union, for the support of the economic innovation through experimentation and adoption of innovative solutions in production processes.

Smart Fashion and Design: energy saving and love for the environment

The deep knowledge of Slide in the technology of rotational moulding is foundamental for Arred’Arte. To answer to the call, Slide developed 3 moulds for 3 new products (WOW bench, W stool and CUCUN floor lamp). The result we want to achieve is to combine the aesthetic beauty of the product with its functionality: the product is lighter more resistant. Arred’arte pays attention to the environmental protection, thanks to a leaner production process that visibly reduces energy requirements.