green polyethylene

07 juin 2017

We love the environment and we do everything we can to defend it

SLIDE has always paid close attention to all stakeholders and the impact that their business has on them and the environment in which the company operates. So Slide pays close attention in our daily production cycle and in the many initiatives that, through light and design, support and spread the care for the environment, attention to people and commitment to culture.

Slide promotes and creates events and project dedicated to environmental protection and charity, with the same spirit that it dedicates to new project development in lighting and design.

The environmental protection is an important focus to us and so we pay close attention to our production cycle and to reciclability of materials we use to our products.

Our production cycle respects the environment

Slide products are made in 100% recyclable low density linear polyethylene(LLDPE), through a zero-emission internal production cycle. An example of the considerations used in the manufacturing process is the recycling of polyethylene from waste production, which is used again for black, gray and chocolate products, for a total of about 40% of our whole production. Additionally, the lacquering finishing process, which transforms the material downgraded to a precious product. Since 2009, luminous products are LED lighting, enabling energy saving with 100% light output and rechargeable battery power.