Orfanatrofio Martinitt

08 juin 2013

100 lamps to charity for Christmas

Christmas is one of the best moments in children's life. For this reason we decided to collaborate with Istituto Martinitt e Stelline of Milan, the most oldest orphanage in Milan. We gave 100 lamps, with a fanny and animal shape: every child could be decorated one lamp and then we sell it to charity. we gave all the proceed to the Istitut.

We give some of our best seller lamps, as Kokò the penguing, Junior teddy bear, Bubo the owl, Rina the sheep, Peggy the pig and many other funny characters.

We organized a Christmas party at Teatro dei Martinitt to sponsored our poject and to try to do more, in collaboration with Club Hous 80's and Fondazione Floriani.

The party was a day of joy and play for all che children and we are so happy to share time and joy with chicldren who live in the orphanage.