We love rooftop furniture!

15 July 2019

Rooftops and panoramic terraces: amazing views with contemporary furniture

To enjoy the magic of a city there is nothing better than admiring it from above. In the meantime, you can listen to the music, drink a cocktail or swim in a pool.
Looking at the city from above is romantic and wonderful and it is one of the most wanted attractions by tourists and inhabitants. The unforgivable emotion of looking at the view becomes even stronger if the space is furnished with taste and modernity.

The perfect outdoor furniture is not just for gardens, but also for rooftops. Our products are so versatile in shape, colour and comfort that they become an essential partner for these settings.
We collected the 3 best and most different realizations all around the world.

Find out your inspiration to set up your perfect rooftop terrace!

One Condominio rooftop in Miami

One Condominio is a residential building in Key Biscayne, just a few miles from Miami Beach. On its rooftop there is a luxurious relaxation area. There are a swimmingpool overlooking the city and the beaches, a lounge area and a gym.

Gelée collection, composed by comfortable seats in soft polyurethane, creates delicious relaxing corners in the middle of the setting. Blos Pots in Saffron Yellow stay around the pool. Dino floor lamps and Pivot best-sellers are chosen to light up the area.

Terrazza Lavazza: an exclusive rooftop in Turin

New Cordiale collection by Roberto Paoli is the luminous protagonist in the middle of Terrazza Lavazza rooftop.

The Art Deco Edition of Cordiale and Cordiale Corner modular luminous bar counters gives a more retro and refined touch to the whole setting. The rooftop belongs to Nuvola Lavazza project, the new and innovative headquarters of one of the Italian excellence of made in italy.

The contemporary rooftop of Tsum in Kiev

Tsum is one of the most famous malls in the heart of Kiev. The bar/restaurant on the rooftop, with a wonderful view on the Ukrainian capital, is fully furnished with products by Karim Rashid.

Indeed, Tsum created small lounge areas with Rap sofas and a refreshment area with Jet high tables in total white. In the center, Splay counter becomes a luminous dj workstation. To give a touch of colour, Tsum chooses also Twist artwork by Karim Rashid. Twist is realized in fuchsia, one of the most beloved colours by the eclectic designer.