Valentine’s Day

26 January 2021

Valentine's Day 2021: our romantic products

Are you ready to celebrate your love with our romantic products? For Design lovers, give a romantic item for Valentine's Day 2021.

You can choose between:
1. one of our iconic Valentine's products
2.  our iconic Design of Love

Our furniture is durable, resistant and with a timeless style which makes our items perfect just like your love and...forever!

Our romantic collection is composed by different products for different uses.
The iconic Amore bench, the soft Lempi pouf, the pop soul of the Mon Amour pot, the refined Love table lamp. Choose the product that best represents your love!

Valentine's Day 2021: for your eternal Design of Love

As we said, Valentine's Day 2021 coincides with a really great occasion: the anniversary of our Queen of Love armchair.

Indeed, our Queen is ready to crown your love!

To celebrate this great occasion, we choose the whole Design of Love collection as the ideal partner for your Love.