The plastic house

29 June 2017

Giò Colonna Romano realizes a meeting point between past and present in his apartment in Palermo. In this district of Palermo, Albergheria, a noble palace arises: The Duke of Brolo commissioned Palazzo Lancia di Brolo in XVIII century, in one of the most characteristic suburb of Palermo. Recently this noble palace is renovated, thanks to an important project of requalification of this antique district in Palermo, in which there is the most traditional Sicilian street market.

Inspired by the environments, Giò Colonna Romano decides to create a sperimental apartment in the Palazzo Lancia di Brolo: in this apartment, take place part of the furniture of Slide’s production, match with some artworks, created by Giò Colonna Romano.

The Design of Love Collection, created by Moro & Pigatti for Slide, is the perfect combination between antique and contemporary: its reach and baroque details match with the innovative material, polyethylene, and bright colours. In this way this collection is so ironic and pop, with a clear tribute to antique epoch. In the living room, the most particular pieces of collection are the Crown of Love and Queen of Love, the huge hanging lamps and the majestic armchair. All baroque elements are match with essential and linear design of the other furniture, like Amélie Sgabello and Globo hanging lamp.

The bedroom, instead, is very simple but full of colour. In this room there’s not references to baroque style. The most important furniture is Amore Bench: Cubo and Here are two lights points and Giò Specchio give to the room a colour fulcrum of the room.

Contemporary and tradition are in perfect match in a unique place, where the traditional street market and the eccentric furniture of the flat are fit in a historical and antique district of Palermo.