The Maxi Design

24 September 2018

In macro areas, you need the maxi design!

The rotational moulding allows to produce maxi products, so our design can become MAXI! Thanks to the know-how in the processing of plastic resins, Slide creates a collection of giant products, suitable for public spaces, outdoors, venues and public gardens.

In a city space, in fact, the details may fade in the backgroung; the macro design, instead, acts as the the protagonist even in situations of great dispersion.

Which are the macro products proposed by Slide? We have a huge catalogue that includes lamps, seats, hanging lamps and pots.

Here are the products of SLIDE made in large dimensions:

  • Globo lamp can be created in its mega version  of 2 meter diametre. This summer it was chosen by the Austrian municipalities of Carinthia to illuminate the path around Lake Klopein.
  • Giò Tondo, Big Giò and Giò Monster, classic pots but with incredibly large dimensions, which become the protagonists of long tree-lined avenues, as in Lyon.
  • Cupole, a maxi dome in polyethylene that can illuminate giant spaces. The 2 mt diameter version can also be made in fiberglass.
  • Giò Pouf and Giò Bed are the giant "sharing" poufs, equipped with maxi cushions for a comfortable seat, chosen for outdoor and indoor during events with many guests.
  • Summertime is a pouf with a playful design, protagonist of the great outdoor spaces, thanks to its maxi dimensions.