The Jungle Queen

17 December 2020

Queen of Love Jungle collection: how it gets born

Thanks to the extraordinary work of the Research&Development team, we created the perfect Queen of Love for Elettra Lamborghini and the AW LAB “The Jungle Queen” campaign.
After the observation of the setting, we developed a mixture of colourful plastic powders and we give to our iconic product a camouflage effect. We mixed together our Chocolate Brown and Jet Black, for a jungle-coloured effect, but we gave also a glamour touch of shining gold.

Thanks to our deep technical knowledge og rotational moulding, Queen of Love Jungle Edition is unique and non-replicable, and it is the perfect match between theindustrial production and the handwork.

The Jungle Queen: AW LAB adv campaing and our unique Queen of Love!

“The Jungle Queen” is the new AW LAB campaign, which launched a Converse shoes model created by Elettra Lamborghini. The campaign, which started in mid-December and sold out in just 24 hours, featured our Queen of Love Jungle Edition.