Temptation Resort

30 October 2017

The last Temptation by Karim Rashid: Temptation Resort & Spa in Cancun, Messico

Karim Rahid signed a great project in Cancun Bay, Messico: the great opening of Temptation Resort and Spa was few days ago. Temptation Resort and Spa is a futuristic and exclusive hotel, which give its guest an extraordinary experience, far from their daily routine. The big hotel, which has got more than 400 rooms, is entirely projected by Karim Rashid.

Karim Rashid is inspired by the philosophy of "sensual minimalism" to realize the whole structure, whether external architecture or interior decoration.Its sinuous shape reminds the line of human body, both for internal and external architecture.The lines of furniture and the mix of materials and colors make the whole structure bold and sensual, to give the customers a unique experience.

The last Tempation by Karim Rashid: Juxt e Sloth take part to the project

The whole structure, for external and internal architecture and for furniture, is projected by Karim Rashid. Slide coopertates with this project with Juxt hanging lamp and Sloth coffee table.
Juxt is a hanging lamp with minimalist design made in polyethylene: its irregular internal side creates special light effects. Sloth is a rigid polyurethane coffee table, where the rigidity of the material matches perfectly with the soft shapes of its design.