Stockholm Furniture

06 February 2018

Low Lita and Low Lita Anniversary are the protagonists at Paola Navone booth at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

Low Lita Anniversary is one of the protagonists of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, February 6-10, at Paola Navone booth, Guest of Honor of this edition.

The design icon Paola Navone creates a unic installation – Thammada. The visitor is invited to a colourful environment where everyday things are transformed into something special.

“Thammada” Thai word for “everyday”, embodies the conceptual approach of Paola Navone’s work. Everyday things, pattern and textures, fabrics, objects and furniture coming from different worlds are mixed together in a friendly, pop and colorful interior.

In the adventurous world of Paola Navone it’s easy to unexpectedly turn the ordinary into extraordinary.