Slide Lounge

31 October 2015

A Lounge Bar made in Slide during Expo Milano 2015

During Expo 2015, Milan becomes a global stage for new ideas and concepts. A crossroads of different culture, tourists and curious people who chose Milan to visit the pavilions of Expo and the Italian city.

Darsena in the city centre becomes one of the most loved crossroads of the whole city and in that place Slide Lounge was born. During the 6 months of the international event, the Slide Lounge was a gathering place during the hot months of great international importance.

Darsena becomes a pulsating heart of the city and the one of its two historical palaces in XXIV Maggio square turn into our Lounge Bar.

 The lounge bar, fully furnished with Slide furniture, was the venue for meetings, photo exhibitions, events. An elegant outdoor had got the protagonist  Crown of love chandelier, which welcomes those who arrive, while the indoor is a colourful space, where you breathe all the irony and the elegance typical of Slide. Accommodated on Gloria chairs or on Queen of Love armchairs, around Hoplà table, visitors could enjoy homemade foods and genuine dishes to savor the theme of Expo Milano 2015.