Augmented reality

03 November 2021

Augmented reality: the benefits of our virtual catalogue

Some of our best sellers and novelties are ready to come virtually to your real spaces!
Now you can experience our products in your indoor or outdoor spaces, thanks to our new catalogue of 3D virtual products.
Directly from your smartphone you can now place the product in your spaces, test its size and depth, and take a picture.

Augmented reality: how to download and use the app

Using the 3D view of our products is easy, you just have to follow few steps direcly on your smartphone or tablet.
To use our augmented reality catalogue, you need to:

  • Download the Adobe Aero app
  • Scan the QR Code of the product you are interested in
  • Place the product wherever you want
  • Take a picture to see the final effect

Here is a short video tutorial:

Video tutorial to use our virtual catalogue

At the moment, the service is only available on IOS13 and later devices.

Augmented reality: our 3d catalogue

The advantages of augmented reality are currently only for some products in our catalog,

between best sellers and news.

The products with 3D view are:

- Amore

- Queen of Love


- Ambrogio

- Cucun

- Ottocento Mini

- Ribs