Second-life plastic

17 November 2021

Second-life plastic: the search for new materials

We work to do good for the environment. In addition to production in 100% recyclable polyethylene, in 2021 we have introduced a new material that brings back to life a material otherwise destined for incinerators: Tetrapack boxes.
We choose our raw materials with care and we introduce a new powder, for the first time used in the world of design.

Second-life plastic: the new material Geco

Geco is the name of the new material we use, composed by 70% polyethylene and 30% EcoAllene. EcoAllene is made from 100% Tetrapack boxes, giving a second life to a material that until recently had to be disposed of and no longer reused. The polyethylene and aluminium foils in the boxes are recovered directly from the paper mills. They are processed to obtain a material which, mixed with polyethylene, can be used in rotational moulding.

Second-life plastic: Ambrogio's green soul

Ambrogio is our butler with a pop heart and a green soul. Ambrogio was born in 2021 and is the first design product made with Geco. Each Ambrogio recycles around 30 Tetrapack boxes. The eye-catching colours, the sparkle of aluminium and the nice shapes make Ambrogio a product that is

"not only aesthetically beautiful, but at the same time eco-friendly. Design becomes democratic, moral, ethical and ideal for improving our planet"

Francesco Favaretto, Ambrogio's designer