Salone del Mobile 2017

10 April 2017

Our Salone del Mobile 2017

We closed the curtains on the Salone del Mobile 2017 and it was a success!
Our Scenario received people from all over the world: famous designers came to give a look to their creations, old clients came to meet us and a lot of new friends spent their time to talk with us about our collection and our story.

The Icons Scenario, with a lot of products create by famous designer, is one of the most apreciated during the Salone del Mobile, not only for the products of Karim Rashid, but also for the new Hexa, the bookcase by Taeke Halma.

The suprising touch of the soft material, the polyurethane, surprise our visitors and they would like to try and relax on our Soft Cubo and Soft Snake. Roberto Paoli, who designed the Gelée Grand said that the new material is going to be softer and more comfortable, and many people remain supraising to discover the softness of polyurethane.
The Soft Scenario is ideal for contract and it perfectly matches with our classical production, as lighting Cubo and lighting Snake.

The really wonder in our stand was Design Of Love Scenario: as a star on the stage, the collection designed by Renato Pigatti and Graziano Moro catches the eye of the spectators people fall in love with its imponent baroque style, its pop material and its magnificent details.

The three new products of this collection conquered the visitors of our stand: the hanging lamp Dame Of Love, the high stool Mister Of Love and the high table Master Of Love.
In the first day Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti came to visit their collection and they were struck by the perfect match between the classical item of the collection and the new proposals.

Last but not least, the other protagonist of our stage are the actors of Bright Scenario and of Pop Scenario, the most playful and funny item of our collection. Little characters and unusual furniture occupied the wall near us, with their colourful and joyful shape.