Colours revolution

25 September 2016

Slide's revolution is an explosion of colours

Slide's Revolution start from colours: a new colour shade, studied carefully, can revive all our production.

Our new standard colours

So we worked on the standard colors, which are now 13, selected to enhance the SLIDE creations.
Three neutral colours and irreplaceable: milky white, black and gray.
The faint novelties inspired to land and natural essences: argil, dove, mauve green, powder blue, saffron yellow and chocolate.
At the end, the bright colors: fuchsia, flame red, lime green and orange.

Our new lacquered colours

8 lacquered colours are now made with new paints. Brilliant mixtures impossible to replicate through only the polyethylene moulding, but gettable only covering the objects with a precious surface.

The metallics: gold, silver and copper.
The glamorous colors: white, black, ruby red, ivory and anthracite.