Slide illuminates the music

30 January 2017

 SLIDE lights up the new Warner Music’s Headquarter in Madrid


The project was born and realized by BSoD_raum in January 2017. The task of the project is to remodelling the Spanish Warner Music’s Headquarter in Madrid, which consisted mainly in an "open space" working area chaotically organized .
By using the ropes in the form of "colour tubes", the studio re-built the whole area, creating an organized, flexible and dynamic space, with a strong identity.
GLOBO hanging lamps, designed by SLIDE Studio, become the fulcrum of the project, thanks to their linear and simple lines.
One of the most important rooms in the headquarter is a two-floor atrium of 6,5 mt high, in which the reception is placed in the basement and the waiting room in the upper level.
In this area Bsod_raum decided to put our GLOBO hanging lamps, given that they wanted to use the lightning as the architectural element which would connect those two separate spaces, creating a unique enviroment in which the lamps, hanging at different heights and with differents diameters, would be the driving force behind the concept.
There are 10 white GLOBO hanging lamps, with different diametres, which are in perfect match with coloured ropes, to connect two-floor space.