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Quadra is a family of pots designed by Giò Colonna Romano. All Quadra items have got a simple and linear shape but the surface is made richer by horizontal streaks, that give facets and movement to the whole product. The simple shape and its elegance make Quadra family ideal in every indoor e outdoor settings. Thanks to different dimensions, Quadra is ideal for both contract and homes. All the items of Quadra’s family is made in polyethylene with the technology of rotational moulding and it is a decoration ideal to contemporary settings. Quadra is a very useful collection: every pot, expect the one 62 cm large, has got wheels. Quadra collection is enriched by Quadra Separè pot/divider
Dimensions and weight
width/depth/height - weight
45/45/46 cm - 5 Kg
width/depth/height - weight
55/55/56 cm - 7,5 Kg
width/depth/height - weight
90/45/46 cm - 8 Kg
High resolution images and 3D models