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Acquaglobo is a floating lamp family: everyone has got a spherical shape, but in different dimensions. Acquaglobo is suitable for outdoors and elegant events. These floating lamps made in lightening polyethylene have got a particular structure, which allow Acquaglobo to light when it is in water. Acquaglobo is simple and linear, but at the same time is very impressive: this floating lamp is ideal for elegant and important events near swimming pool and to create a sensual and upper class ambience.
Dimensions and weight
diameter - weight
30 cm - 1,7 Kg
diameter - weight
40 cm - 2,5 Kg
diameter - weight
50 cm - 4 Kg
diameter - weight
60 cm - 5,2 Kg
diameter - weight
70 cm - 7,7 Kg
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