New Catalogue 2017

10 October 2016

A point of arrival and departure of our image


Redefining your path in line with the evolution of times respecting the past.

Slide had a lively and fun childhood thanks to the invention of luminous furniture, ideal companions for leisure and fun moments.

But today, Slide designs its future with an approach of innovation and change, intensifying the focus on the done work and performing a synthesis project aimed at a balance between communication and product, through a language that brings together all the happy experiences of the past and, at the same time, know how to look ahead. This will allow us to be closer to you all.

The image unit, the transversality of the project and the future to be invented to give a new character are the arrival points that Slide will set for the upcoming tomorrow and that already in this new catalogue are strongly expressed. This work is shown to the public through profound photo search and image production. The Slide product is extremely versatile, with high quality, traditionally suitable for outdoor use, but with the right finish and with the correct placement it becomes a perfect indoor object.