Keep your forniture amazing!

20 July 2018

The polyethylene furniture is ideal and resistant for the outdoors, but they are also easy to keep clean? Do they need special care?

We are glad to help you: first of all, we improved the polyethylene  material, and then we tested and created two products to keep the polyethylene with a shiny surface.

Thanks to the continuous research and the long know-how on the processing of the plastic material, the polyethylene powder is treated in such a way as to have a smoother surface to the touch. The surface becomes less porous, therefore easier to clean, and the material is more resistant to UV rays, thus keeping the color shine.

This is what we did in production, what can you do to keep them always on top?

You can use two different products to clean and protect your SLIDE furniture:

  • Clean Up, high-cleaning power detergent degreaser. You have to use it with a soft damp on the whole surface of the products.
  • Bright Up, a protective and polishing cleaner, which eliminates scratches and small imperfections that may appear on the surface of the products due to wear and tear.