Luminous new Mesh

02 May 2017

Our new Mesh, an elegant hanging lamp that branch out the space


During the last edition of Salone del Mobile we presented many new hanging lams, and Mash was one of the novelteties.

Mesh is a suspended lamp born from the collaboration between Slide and the young Italian BBMDS studio. Its generative principle is an autonomous and unique cell, made of polyethylene in one mold. Its shape recalls three crossed branches to form a kind of reassuring nest. This first, unique and modular core, branches in space to create dense luminous luminescence, creating a diffused and homogeneous light throughout the room.

BBMDS studio is doing reserches about the mix between space and light, in which Mesh is the protagonist. BBMDS studio is developing a new model of Mesh, that could brench also on vertical walls, for new and unique combinations.

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