The Soft Polyurethane

09 May 2017

 Softness and essential: we introduce Soft Cubo

We close the curtain to Salone del Mobile 2017, but we open our scenario to create your own plot with our new products. We would like to inspire you thanks to our actors: we are going to introduce one item for week, in order to suggest you the most suitable product!
First of all, we talk about the softness and the essential of Soft Cubo.
Its revolution is not in the shape, but in the material: Soft Cubo is made in polyhuretane which makes the seat more comfortable and softer.
During Salone del Mobile people are impressed by Soft Cubo because it is soft to the touch, and it make it more different then our classical product Cubo, made in polyethilene.
In fact, Soft Cubo is our soft reinterpretation of the luminous modular stool Cubo, one of the best SLIDE’s production: the two products have got the same shape and they are perfectly match with each other.
Soft Cubo could become the protagonist of your evenings and your summer party: it is ideal for contract, both for indoor and outdoor settings, and it is suitable for modern and contemporary spaces.
Soft Cubo integrates beauty, entertainment and technology: its shape is essential and its seat is comfortable, but at the same time it is very resistant thanks to its metal internal body; moreover, it is waterproof, fireproof, easy to clean.