21 March 2017

Some ideas for using the Pantone color of the year, the Greenery

Like every year, in January 2017 Pantone announced the color of the year: the Greenery. Greenery is a bright and luminous green that recalls the fresh and sparkling color of vegetation in the spring.Today is the good season at last, how to use the Greenery color in your outdoor?

To create a small green corner, you can find a place for Gear, the pot born from the collaboration with Anastasia Ivanyuk. For the personality of the outdoor environment, the Low Lita Lounge is perfect. Designed by the famous Paola Navone, the whole Low Lita collection is ideal for giving color and vivacity to gardens and poolside. Inspired by the typical African sessions, Low Lita is able to create a fun and relaxing Safari in the city as well. The lucky collection has become one of the bestsellers of the entire Slide production.

But all of our products, including the Design of Love collection, are available in green: look at the product section and choose the ideal one to customize your space with style!