Good Design Awards 2020

13 January 2021

GOOD DESIGN ® Awards 2020: for the third time in a row, we won!

Our 2021 begins with super news: we won the Good Design Awards for the third time in a row. Indeed, the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd rewarded the design excellences and innovation, that are features recognized in our Ottocento tables collection.

GOOD DESIGN ® Awards 2020: and the winner is Ottocento by Paola Navone!

Inspired by Neoclassicism, Paola Navone created a dining tables collection ideal for outdoor and indoor. Ottocento table gets born thanks to the collaboration bewteen the famous designer and our Research&Development Department. Ottocento is unique, thanks to our deep knowledge of rotational moulding: we are able to create the perfect match between industrial production and craftmanship. Indeed, every product has got no-replicable nuances, which remind of the natural shades of marble. Ottocento is ideal for indoor and outdoor contract projects, thanks to its different dimensions and finishing.

GOOD DESIGN ® Awards 2020: our collaboration with Paola Navone

The collaboration between Paola Navone and Slide began in 2008, when she created Low Lita, one of the most iconic and beloved collection of our catalogue. In 2019, the great designer created for us also Ottocento table collection. Thanks to its black&white nuances and its round shapes, distinctive features of the Navone style, Ottocento has become a refined and beloved product and for these reasons it won the prestigious award.