Giovanni Gastel

13 March 2021

Goodbye Giovanni Gastel: hospitalized in Milan for Covid-19, he died at the age of 65

On March 13th Giovanni Gastel died, the great Italian photographer and artist.

His career began out of a basement studio in Milan in the late 1970s where Gastel spent most of his younger years photographing and mastering his craft. Between 1975 and 1976 he works for the prestigious auction house Christie’s.

The turning point to his career came in 1981 when he meets Carla Ghiglieri, that becomes his agent and introduces him to the fashion world. His career exploded during Eighties and Nineties.

His career exploded during Eighties and Nineties. From 1997 and through all ’00, many exhibition dedicated to him are organized. It is said about him:

“An exceptional interpreter of the years he lived, an extraordinary witness to the contemporary world, who thanks to his photographs will continue to tell us about himself and the times we have shared".

Goodbye Giovanni Gastel: in 2010 we collaborated with him

In 2010 we were honored to collaborate with Gastel for three pictures. The three products are Low Lita lounge armchair by Paola Navone, Rap sofa and Blos rocking chair by Karim Rashid. These amazing pictures are utilized for a press ADV campaing and for our cover of 2010 catalogue.