Our endless material

08 July 2019

The virtuous path of the circular economy

Our colors and our furniture love Nature: we always pay attention to the environment and we respect the virtuous path of the circular economy.

Every Slide product, at the end of its life cycle, turns into plastic powder and it gives life to a new item. Every product can be recycled and some colors in our catalogue are obtained from recycled plastic: Elephant Gray, Jet Black, Chocolate Brown and the new Mahogany Leather.

Polyethylene: a mono-material polymer

Why is polyethylene 100% recyclable? Because it is a single-material polymer, that is composed of a single type of plastic. This purity of the material allows it to be completely recycled. The low density linear polyethylene used for the production of our furniture and can thus be reused indefinitely. The recycled colours represent about 40% of the whole production.

Recyclable and recycled plastic: an ethical choice

We love the environment that surrounds us and we want to do something concrete to save it. Our outdoor furniture not only are ideal to be surrounded by nature, but they also want it to feel good. The plastic is not all the same. Slide has chosen 100% recyclable, making an ethical choice towards the surrounding environment. The plastic thus becomes a precious material, because it can be reused to infinitive times.