Ancient Arts and new colours

14 April 2019

Contemporary Tradition: our tribute to ancient Italian crafts with a contemporary mood

Our new products have a contemporary essence and they are a tribute to the Italian traditions. The craftsmanship that distinguishes Made in Italy characterizes our production process. The imperfection of hand-working meets the contemporary of polyethylen and create a timeless collection.

This research has also intensified our attention to the environment: the products are all 100% recyclable and some colors are made from recycled material.

Contemporary Tradition: hand-made work imperfection characterizes our production process

New textures and matericity for the 2019 novelties that reproduce the Italian craftmanship features, which has always distinguished us.

The tactile rendering of the new textures is accentuated by new colors, created ad hoc to reinforce the craftsmanship of the new products.
For example, the new Murano hanging lamps are inspired by the acient processing of blown glass.

Contemporary tradition: our new colours inspired by Nature

The woven leather comes to life in the texture of Mara collection by Lorenza Bozzoli. Its new colours are inspired by the material, such as Saddle Leather and Mahogany Leather. The cushions complete these new nuances, with colours inspired by the imperfections of Nature: the nuances of sand, earth, sky and water.
Warmer and more beautiful even when switched off, Light Vanilla starts a revolution in luminous furniture sector. Cordiale collection by Roberto Paoli matches perfectly with the new colour. The same nuance is also proposed for the new Spin by Fabio Novembre, with a mosaic effect that combines craft imperfection with a vintage colour.

Great research on colours was also done for Ottocento table, designed by Paola Navone. Each piece has a unique nuances: the industrial process is accompained by craft work.

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