Art inspiration

04 March 2020

Contemporary Tradition: we are inspired by Art

Our new step to describe our contemporary tradizion is the inspiration by artistic movements from the past. Our new products remind of the past, but in a contemporary key: they have refined shapes and essential design and they are realized in contemporary, resistant and light materials.

Contemporary Tradition: new Ottocento Table is inspired by Neoclassicism

New Ottocento table by Paola Navone has classical and refined shape. The base and the HPL top has marble effect.

Contemporary Tradition: Cordiale and Mineral Stand are inspired by Art Deco 

Inspired by geometries and elegance of Art Deco, Cordiale collection and Mineral Stand became two great hits in 2019.

Cordiale by Roberto Paoli is a bar counters collection with a retro style. Art Deco edition make Cordiale more precious thanks to the lacquered upper band and the new Light Vanilla colour.

Mineral Stand matches perfect with the elegance of the Twenties thanks to its brass stem and the spherical lampshade with marble effect.

Contemporary Tradition: Baroque inspiration for Design of Love collection

Baroque is reach in details, as the whole Design of Love collection, designed by Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti. Thanks to the first and iconic products, our Queen of Love armchair, the collection is composed by 20 products. Every one has got the same features: every item is reach in details and have a pop, ironic and contemporary soul.

Contemporary tradition: Mosaico finishes for Spin

The art of mosaic is re-proposed in an industrial key in Spin, the new hanging lamp by Fabio Novembre. Thanks to the polyethylene tiles, the mosaic effect creates soft lighting effects in every kind of indoor setting.