Kaleido in Croazia

22 March 2017

The Kaleido suspension lamp is the protagonist of the fitness room

Kaleido hanging lamp, becomes one of the luminous actors in Alhambra Hotel in Croazia: this 5* luxury hotel is projected by two important Croatian Architectural Studios, Rusan Arhitektura and Arta Projectiranje.
Kaleido is a hanging lamp, created by Denis Santachiara, inspired by the countless facets of kaleidoscopes.
It is used in both swing and wall compositions, either horizontally or vertically. Kaleido is ideal to light up every kind of environments with elegance. Its mimimal and contemporary design is suitable for contemporary and luxurious spaces.
Thanks to its particular shape, Kaleido is chosen to light up the fitness area of the hotel. Kaleido belongs to a bigger lighting design project, which interested the whole hotel project, both indoor and outdoor. Elegance and luxury are the main feature of this hotel, an oasis of wellness in thick Mediterranean pine forest in the Cikat Bay, Losinj.