Celebrities love SLIDE

08 January 2021

VIP at SLIDE: Gigio Donnarumma came to visit our factory

Gigio Donnarumma, AC Milan and Italian national fotball team goalkeeper, came to visit us and found out our Production Department. We talked about our Made in Italy production process and he chose some products for his terrace.

VIP at SLIDE: Gigio Donnarumma's autograph is the first tribute to our Queen of Love

During our meeting at our factory, Gigio Donnarumma autographed an exclusive Queen of Love, in red&Black nuances. His autograph on the armchair thus kicked off 2021 and the celebration of one of our best-sellers atarted. The iconic Queen of Love armchair designed by Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti is in fact 10 years old and we are ready with many news, special editions and initiatives dedicated to it.