Carousel for life

11 March 2017

Carousel for Life: Jumpie, Here and Baby took part to Federlegno initiative

"Carousel for life", an initiative of Federlegno, was inaugurated at MADE expo, through an iconic installation curated by Architect Valentina Fisichella.

The setting was conceived as a cultural journey whose peculiar theme is a carousel, which over time will perceive as a leitmotif ensuring the recognizability and continuity of the project.

Why a carousel? "The carousel immediately refers to play and care, a symbol of a lively but secure moment. It is the life that turns, the baby that grows," explains the Architect.

The carousel illustrates the five different areas of research in which the initiative is addressed: School, Healthcare, Home, Public Space, Hospitality.

Slide cooperated with three of its most loved children's lamps: Here, designed by Alessandro Mendini, Baby by Roberto Semprini and Jumpie by Goran Lelas.