13 July 2022

The polyethylene is bio now!

Thanks to the continuous research of our R&D Department, our new collection is made in a new eco-friendly material, in addition to the classic standard colours. Indeed, we introduced biobased polyethylene into our production, for the first time for the Design world.

What's biobased polyethylene?

Biobased polyethylene is a material derived from renewable sources. Indeed, the plastic powder is obtained by refining sugar cane, thus avoiding the use of carbon. The process to obtain biobased polyethylene is the same, but from a more sustainable raw material.

What products are currently produced in bio-polyethylene?

Thanks to the new Afrika collection by Marcantonio and the Mara Masai capsule collection by Lorenza Bozzoli, we introduced three new biobased polyethylene colours: Sahara Sand, Savannah Land and Namibian Desert, which recall the natural nuances of the earth. Together with the two designers, we have designed a family of outdoor products that match perfectly with the surrounding nature: the Kroko and Big Kroko seats and the Threebù elements, designed by Marcantonio; the structure of the Mara Masai capsule collection, with the new colours that are ideal with the cushions fabrics created in collaboration with Ratti.

Download the file below for further information: