Spring time

20 March 2018

Spring is coming: have you already planned your new outdoor?

In spring it's time to plan your new outdoor! The warm seasons are ideal to give colours and live your gardens, terraces, dehors and events.


3 styles for your outdoor: Low Lita, Blos and Design of Love

Here are 3 styles for your outdoor, ideal for a contract project or for private gardens and terraces:

  • Low Lita: the playful collection designed by Paola Navone makes richer thanks to Low Lita Anniversary special edition, in black and white but with the same shape of the iconic low chair. Its style is a bit pot and a bit afro and it's ideal for furnishing pools, dehors and large gardens with an ironic and colourful style.


  •  Blos collection: a collection of rocking chairs and sofas, characterized by soft design, for a fun and colorful outdoor corner. The collection is designed by one of the most famous artist in the world: Karim Rashid.


  • Design of Love collection: for a baroque and irreverent style, it could not miss a mention to the Design of Love, the collection created by Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti. Design of Love is a ironic and contemporary collection that reminds of the luxurious Baroque shapes. The collection has many products ideal for furnishing contract and private outdoor, as Lord of Love table with the Princess of Love chairs, Master of Love high table with the Mister of Love high stool, and the majestic King of Love floor lamp .