Goodbye Giò

01 November 2022

Visionary, entrepreneur, creative: Giò Colonna Romano, founder and soul of SLIDE, has left us.

Just 20 years ago he started the company on the outskirts of Milan, combining his fervid imagination with 30 years of know-how in the processing of plastic materials.

A simple, ingenious intuition soon led Slide to become a world-famous brand: the luminous furniture. Giò tries to insert a light bulb into a sphere of polyethylene, a translucent material: and magic is born.

And so Slide became a popular company for outdoor furniture and lighting. The innovative spirit attracts internationally renowned designers of the calibre of Alessandro Mendini, Paola Navone, Stefano Giovannoni, Fabio Novembre, Marcel Wanders, Karim Rashid, Marc Sadler and Marcantonio.

From 2015 the most representative product: the Amore bench. Giò said of his creation that it was not just a product, 'but a universal message of love, a unique and inimitable sign that creates emotion'.

And so it is that, even at a very sad time, his son Marco and all the employees want to carry on Giò's teachings and spirit: may his love for colour, uniqueness, his ironic spirit and enthusiasm be our guide, so that his ideas and his person may live on forever and continue to be present in Slide, which he always wanted to consider a family more than a company.