20 years of making

10 January 2022

Twenty years of Making: our first 20 years of activity

The new year begins with the celebrations for our first 20 years of activity, a milestone that allows us to look back on everything we have done, and a starting point for new projects. It will be a year in which our art of making will demonstrate how much precious we made your beloved places and how much we still create for you!

Twenty years of Making: our story get born from creativity and knowledge

SLIDE gets born in 2002 from Giò Colonna Romano, with the desire to create wonder. The first intuition came even before the birth of SLIDE: simple shapes, such as spheres and cubes, created with translucent materials, whose bulb inside releases a homogeneous light that furnishes. It is only by doing that we can understand limits and potential: the second brilliant intuition is the luminous furniture, which soon becomes a must-have in the events world. Over the course of our history we have grown, we have been able to innovate and differentiate ourselves. The pop and colourful production is matched with an increasingly articulated and refined line, which becomes loved by architects for their hotellerie and contract projects.

Twenty years of Making: our future

New collaborations with prestigious designers, continuous internal research to push rotational moulding to unleash all its potential, initiatives in which the protagonists will be you and your love for our products: there are many news that we are ready to reveal to you in this 2022! Stay tuned!