SLIDE, since its establishment, constantly paid attention to all stakeholders and the impact its business has on them and on the environment in which the company operates. The sensitivity that SLIDE developed, emerges daily starting from the production cycle, and the numerous initiatives that, through light and design, support and spread the devotion for the environment, the emphasis on people and the commitment to culture.

PRODUCTION CYCLE – SLIDE products are made with linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) 100% recyclable, through an internal production cycle with zero harmful emissions. An example of precautions employed in the manufacturing cycle is the recycling of polyethylene given from production waste, which is recovered and reused for products that are black, gray and chocolate, for a total of about 40% of the whole production.

COMMITMENT FOR ENVIRONMENT - In addition to sustainable policies applied to the production, the company for many years alongside, supports charity and environmental initiatives. SLIDE from 2006, is sponsor of the “Penguin Foundation” Australian Association, born to save the penguins from pollution, with charity events starring the lamp Kokò. In 2007, SLIDE participated at “Christmas City Park” a design and art event, organised for the reconversion of the public urban park. The product Lightree, was offered to a 'Silent Auction’ and the funds went to support the Environment Foundation Milan, LiveTown and the Department of Urban Décor Furniture.

COMMITMENT FOR PEOPLE – In 2008 and 2010, SLIDE donated about thirty lamps Love, design Stefano Giovannoni, for the project Art4Mi to sustain the Association Cardiopathic Children of the World. In 2014, SLIDE donated several lamps, to the non-profit organization LILT, Italian League Against Cancer, for three days of beneficial shopping with design and craftsmanship products. The temporary Christmas shop, facilitated fundraising activities and raising awareness of the activities achieved by LILT.
COMMITMENT FOR CULTURE – In 2009 and 2010, SLIDE participated at the International Led Light Festival in Milan: a project that involved many protagonists representing the world of design and of lighting to furnish with light the metropolis. From 2011, the SLIDEart prestigious project initiated, inaugurated with the exhibition ‘Sign Off Design at the 54th Biennial of Art in Venice: the desire is to experience a new dialogue between contemporary art and design, producing unique pieces thanks to the collaboration of artists and world-renowned designer.
In 2014, SLIDE became the main economic supporter, for the Association MAT – Milano Altri Talenti, which works to promote the activities of companies that represent the manufacturing excellence of the region of Lombardy and leaders in the field of design, and photography, through the organization of exhibitions and conferences.

SLIDE, starting from projects that synthesize, with lightness and irony, the intensity of the color, the surprise of the light and the originality of the design, with its experience and enthusiasm that characterize also in awareness projects towards' environment and environmental issues.