restaurants and coffee bars
  • Slide Lounge

    Slide's lounge Bar is a temporary lounge bar during the months of Expo Milano 2015, open from morning to night.

  • Bar Meraviglia

    Colored and customized hanging Globo for the San Pellegrino Meraviglia Bar in Milan, a "bubble effect" 100% made in italy.

  • Pizza Express Restaurant

    Restaurant and bar in Palanga, Lithuania.
    Products included in the project:
    Globo hanging lamps,
    Happylife sofas,
    Ali Baba Fiaccola lamp.

  • Pizza Express Restaurant

    Italian style becomes the protagonist in Lithuania!
    The Fizzz tables feature the restaurant "Pizza Express" in Kaunas,
    One of the most famous food franchising in Lithuania.

  • La Pizza de Nico

    Pizzeria, restaurant and bars of a famous French franchising of restaurants, located in the center of Strasbourg.
    A fresh design, where the warm natural materials blend the practicality of plastic.
    Products included in the project:
    Cupole hanging lamps.