• Slide Lounge

    Slide's lounge Bar is a temporary lounge bar during the months of Expo Milano 2015, open from morning to night.

  • Miroglio Store

    In Piazza alla Scala in Milan, Design and Fashion talk perfectly together in Miroglio Store displays.

  • Post-industrial loft

    Post-industrial loft becomes our stage to present Design of Love collection.

  • Vintage apartment

    Slide's lacquered and colourful products make contemporary an apartment with a vintage style in Milan.

  • Lancia di Brolo palace
    Palermo, Sicily

    The apartment in an acient palace, fully furnished by colour and contemporary of Slide's products.

  • Bar Meraviglia San Pellegrino

    Colored and customized hanging Globo for the San Pellegrino Meraviglia Bar in Milan

  • Babbi

    Ice cream and coffee shop in downtown Tokyo.
    Products included in the project:
    Gino tables, Zoe chairs, X2 high tables, Drink stools, Globe hanging lamps.

  • Massimago Winery

    Winery in Verona (Italy)
    Products included in the project:
    ED table, Amelie chairs, Peak high tables, Koncord stools, Open Cube modular storage boxes.

  • Settimopiano Restaurant

    The Lounge Restaurant Settimo Piano is a wonderful terrace with contemporary design on the top floor of the Lungomare Hotel in Riccione.
    Products included in the project:
    Ali Baba Steel floor lamps.